Completed Celebrity Super 7 League .. Winners Tirupati Tigers Sameer

Cricket is a religion in India that everyone enjoys playing together.

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The game has evolved in many ways and now entertains more and more people.

Celebrity cricket leagues have been held several times over the years, through which celebrities have entertained cricket fans.

Some celebrities from the TV and film industry have participated in these leagues and recently hosted a league called Celebrity Super 7.

Celebrities from the TV and film industry participated in the league.

Jupiter Technologies and Jupiter Entertainment hosted the league.

It also broke many other cricket records. More than 50 TV and movie celebrities took part in each match and cheered everyone on.

Jupiter Technologies MD Rajasekhar, Hero, Producer Shriram, Indian Football Coach Praveen, Hero, Producer Nanda Kishore, Sports Analyst Karthik, Actor, Producer Lohit Kumar The finals of this tournament were held recently.

The final of the thrilling tournament was also very interesting.

Nervous Tej’s excitement was in everyone’s.

Another season of the league is also set to take place this June, according to organizers.


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