Indrani is India’s first superhero movie to get off to a great start.

For the first time in India, Indrani is coming out as a visual wonder with a supergirl storyline.

Indrani Is Indias First Superhero Movie To Get Off To A Great Start, Indrani, Yaniya Bhardwaj, Kabir Singh, Pranita Jijin, Rahi Anil Barve, Garima Kaushal, Senior Actor Naresh, Shaif
Yaniya Bhardwaj, Kabir Singh and Pranita Jijina are playing the lead roles.

Producer Beckham Venugopal switched on the camera as Naresh Vijayaklap clapped for the moment’s scene.

Senior actor Naresh said, “Goosebumps came when everyone on the First Indrani team saw the Congratulations Motion poster. I have known Stephen and Stanley for almost eight years.

People who are very precise. Go ahead with the plan.

Good people are coming up with a good concept. I want this film to be a success in all languages. ”

Producer Beckham Venugopal says – This is a movie that believes in perfect content. The motion poster is awesome.

The film is planned to be released in all languages.

Rahi Anil Barve says – “How about two and a half years of rehearsals on the script and screenplay? This is a picture of me coming to a conclusion about how VFX work should be done in a very grand way. The motion poster is amazing.

I am sure the team will have a good name for everyone. Sai Karthik gave good music.

All the best to this team. ”Music director Sai Karthik said,“ Our film industry also needs super boys, super women and super villains.

Our Stephen, who is making a different film without doing a regular commercial film, congratulates Stanley. Like Avengers, the team said all the best to everyone who wanted to make this film.

Yaniya Bharadwaj said, “I was selected for the role of Indrani. Thanks to the director and producers for giving me a good role in this film. Of course, you all like this film.” Filmmaker Stephen said, “I worked very hard for this film.

There is no superhero in India for all children. After the release of this movie, the whole country will talk about Indrani.

This is a pucca mass marvel movie that comes with full entertainment. It has all kinds of commercial elements.

Creative World Law is making this film with a huge budget and high technical values ​​so that the whole world can look at Indrani. Indrani’s character has different shades.

After all, Yania Bhardwaj’s profile went well and she was selected for the lead role. She trained in martial arts for this film.

Yamini said the action episodes will surely entertain the audience

Executive Producer Stanley Suman Babu says – After two and a half years of hard work, Stephen has written a wonderful story. The action episodes in this film are sure to impress audiences from all walks of life.

Sai Karthik said the music will be the highlight of the movie.

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