“Madhuravani in the midst of mother and father” which started well among the spiritual guests

New stars Gautam Raj and Sai Vikrant as the heroes, Madhupriya, Lavanya Sharma, Siri and Ambika as the heroines.

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The film “Amma Nanna Madhyalo Madhuravani” is being produced by Brindakar Gowd under the direction of Prasad Verma.

After the pooja, Beckham Venugopal clapped and Fani Kumar switched on the camera for the muhurta scene shot on the hero and heroines.

The film is shaping up to be an out-and-out family entertainer starring Gautam Raj, Madhupriya, Sai Vikrant and Sirivennela in the lead roles.

The film will be shooting regularly from the first week of April. Afterwards, Naresh VK, actress Pavithra Lokesh, heroes Gautam Raj, Sai Vikrant, heroines Ambika, Madhupriya, Lavanya Sharma, director TD Prasad Verma, cinematographer Vasu, music director Karthik B. Kadakandla and singer Writer Mitta Palli Surender, Peddapalli ZP Chairman Putta Madhu, Filmmaker Brindakar Goud participated

Actor Naresh VK says. Director Prasad Verma is the person I want best.

Our family member. He made the first Radha Krishna movie which was released last year and became a good hit. Prasad Verma told me the story with the title “Amma Nanna Madhyalo Madhura Vani”.

Before that I liked the title very much. I was attracted to it.

This is a subject that connects everyone. In this, I, Pavithra Lokesh and Taraka Ratna are playing the lead roles. All the good star cast are acting. Good family entertainer coming in different new genre. It is refreshing. Currently content oriented movies are very popular.

Everyone will love this movie too. Brindakar Gowd came forward to make this movie believing in Prasad Verma.

I want him to hit a good hit with this movie.

Film director TD Prasad Verma said. First I did a movie called Radhakrishna.

This is my second film. I have been associated with Naresh Gary’s family for six years.

I told him this story with that introduction. Naresh was very good and anchored me so well that I would do it.

It’s an out and out family entertainer. It’s a story that connects to two generations. We will start regular shooting from the first week of April and finish in two schedules. Producer Brindakar Goud liked the story and came forward to make this film.

Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. Putta Madhu said. Our Peddapalli resident Prasad Verma Manthani Matti Gadda Telangana Muddubidda.

Actress Pavithra Lokesh says. Prasad Verma is making this film giving importance to the characters.

In this moment of content oriented films coming to suit the situations, Madhuravani movie in the middle of Amma Nanna will also be liked by everyone. The film is being made with a good story.

Definitely this movie will connect everyone.

Filmmaker Brindakar Gowda says. Basically our real estate business.

I like the story told by Prasad Verma and I am making this movie. We are introducing our boy Gautam as a hero.

Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh are all very supportive.

Hero Gautam Raj said, “Thanks to our director Prasad Verma for giving us the chance to play the hero in this film. Our daddy Brindakar Gowd is producing this film. Everyone will love this movie with a good story.”

Music director Karthik b.

Kodakandla says that there is a lot of scope for music in this film.

I will do my part to make good songs.

Songwriter Mittapalli Surender says. I am writing movie songs right now.

My thanks to our director and producers for giving me the opportunity to write all the songs in this film.

We are acting in roles that have scope for acting in this film. We are sure that this film will bring us a good name, said heroines Ambika, Madhu Priya and Lavanya Sharma.

Technicians for the film: Vasu, Editing: Shiva Sharvani, Lyrics: Kumar Mallarapu, Uday Sharma, Nagmani Raju, Lyrics: Mittapalli Surender, Art: Mohan-Naresh, PRO: Suresh Kondetti. Producer: Brindhakar Goud, Story .Screenplay.Directed by: TD Prasad Verma.

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